We suggest you various tours from the north to the south of the island, so as to allow you to discover the” fragrant island” with its magnificent scenery, its white sand beaches and its protected wildlife.

The number one trek on Great Comoro is the Karthala volcano. Its summit reaches 2361 m (7,741 feet) at its highest point and its 10,000 to 13,000-foot-wide crater is the world’s largest active one.

Whale-watching trips are available in season.
You will be delighted with the hospitality, the smile and the legendary kindness of the Comorian people.


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DAILY RATES (per person, meal(s) included)


North Tour
From Euros
The north of Great Comoro is noted for its lovely white sand beaches, its historical monuments and the largest essential oil distillery on the island.

- The city walls of Ntsaouéni
- The mausoleum of Ntsaouéni
- The”Prophet’s Hole”
- Bangoi-Kouni and its
“miracle mosque"
- The salt lake

- The dragon-stones
- Turtle Island
- Visit of an ylang-ylang distillery
- Chomoni beach
(bathing break)
- The historic sites of Ntsoudjini
Centre Tour
From Euros
In the centre of the island, you will discover the basic elements of the history and of the civilization of Great Comoro.

- The historic village of Iconi
- Traditional houses
- Mbachile beach
- The “Garden of the Species”

- The medina of Moroni
- Markets and shops
- The historic town of Itsandra
- Arts and crafts
South Tour
From Euros
The south of the island is noted for its historic vestiges, the very first mosque on the island as well as the lava flow.

- The lava flow at Singani
- The coelacanth marine reserve
- Traditional houses
- Farms
- The forest (birds, orchids)

- The first mosque in the Comoros
- The city walls of Foumbouni
- Chindini beach (bathing break)
- Mangroves
- The Portuguese graveyard

DAILY RATES (per person, meal(s) included)


Trek to the Volcano Karthala
From Euros
Approach and return to the hotel by vehicle – Registered guide and porter Several possible routes – Bivouac gear provided – Meal(s) included

IN ONE DAY (for fit, athletic people only)

- Ascent (about 6 hours’ walk), break, then descent (about 4 hours)
- Departure at about 5 a.m., return at about 6 p.m.

IN TWO DAYS (one porter per person)

- Ascent and walk on the craters and around the lake
- Bivouac in tents with campfire
- The craters and the fumeroles, then descent via the Grille

IN THREE DAYS (one porter per person) Euros

- Ascent and walk on the craters
- First bivouac in tents with campfire
- The craters, the lake and the fumeroles
- Second bivouac
- The sulphur pits and return via another track

From Euros
Eight hours’trip, including a five hours’ walk.

- Ecotourist path
- Captain Dubois’ cave
- Panoramic view
- The Green Lake

- The Moulin estate
- The wet area
- The mid-height thick forest

The Grille (gate) Mountain
From Euros
The Plateau of the Grille, six hours’ walk.

- The spring of Maweni
- The forest of Cendragon
- Walking around the Plateau
- Panoramic view

From Euros
Trip in the lush, fruitful Hambou area

- Djoumoichongo
- Ecotourist path
- Humblot’s castle
- Return to Djoumoichongo
- Salimani Hambou
- The former distillery

RATES per person


Dolfins Watching
From Euros
Front of the Itsandra beach, duration of sailing : 2 minutes.
Watching "Stanella" group, dolfins with long beak.
Whale Watching
From Euros
You will have the opportunity to watch humpback whales, magnificent cetaceans which reach 50 feet and 40 tons.

- Conveyance to a village in the south
- Two hours’ outing in fishing crafts with fishermen trained
to approach cetaceans
- Traditional picnic
- Bathing on the beach
- Return

Diving Centre FFESSM, CMAS, IANTD, AQUALUNG approving

- 17 beautiful dives between 0 to 215 feet
- Crystal-clear, warm water ( 24 to 30 degrees °C ) with little current.
- First dive, 1st, 2nd and 3rd level training, Nitrox training
- Rebreather diving, deep, night and wreck diving

Traditional big- game fishing - Sportfishing - Longline fishing

- Most common varieties :
Marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, dolphin, giant trevally, jewfish, barracuda

- Initiating into traditional Comorian fishing :
Trolling - Bottom fishing, using stones as sinkers - Night fishing
Handlining - Live bait fishing